IS-Innovation nº27007



CARFI, S.A. presented in 26/04/2012 an application to NSRF, with the number 27007, in the context of "Compete – Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade", according to the Regulation of the System of Incentives for Innovation, approved in 15/10/2012. The concession of the incentives contract was signed in 12/11/2012.

This project started with the need to boost, modernize and innovate the industry in order to improve productivity and competitiveness, with the goal to increase the sales volume for external markets.

It was applied a total investment of 1,372,515.27 Euros, with an Eligible Investment of 1,359,880.27 Euros and a reimbursement from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of 747,934.15 Euros Refundable Incentive.

Deadline for these investments was April 30 th, 2014. Further extension was requested and approved until September 30th, 2014. Deadline was fulfilled leading to the investment closure. The post-project year will be 2017.


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