IS-Innovation nº17529



CARFI, S.A. presented in 21/01/2011 an application to NSRF, with the number 17529, in the context of "Compete – Programa Operacional Factores de Competitividade", according to the Regulation of the System of Incentives for Innovation, approved in 19/07/2011. The concession of the incentives contract was signed in 15/09/2011.

This project started with the need to boost, modernize and innovate the industry in order to improve productivity and competitiveness, with the goal to increase the sales volume for external markets.

It was applied a total investment of 1,143,027.03 Euros, with an Eligible Investment of 1,130,527.03 Euros and a reimbursement from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of 621,789.87 Euros Refundable Incentive.

The deadline for this investment was December 31, 2012, but an extension was requested and approved for September 30, 2013.

Further extension was requested and approved until December 31st, 2013. Deadline was fulfilled, wherefore project was closed on this date. Post-project year will be 2016.

Bike Box

Bike Box is an innovative luggage system for touring bikes. Bike Box can be installed in any traditional bicycle. Thanks to its size, you can carry small to medium sized objects such as, laptops, tables, mobile phones, clothes, groceries, etc.

More than a simple luggage carrier, Bike Box has a built-in electronic locking system activated by RFID. This innovative lock ensures the access to the interior of Bike Box, only to the person with an authorized RFID card. The full system is totally charged by a simple bicycle dynamo.

Besides this security system, you will also be able to charge the batteries of small electronic equipments such as, cell phones, tables, photographic cameras, etc. All the required power will come from you in each pedal stroke.




Large storage: allows you to carry small to medium sized objects
Airtight lock: weather-resistant, will allow you to carry objects with weather conditions
Electronic lock: ensures the safety of the objects inside Bike Box
USB charger: provides energy to small electronic equipments
Standard connection: connect Bike Box to any bicycle dynamo



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