Productive Innovation,n.º 22976

CARFI, S. A. submitted on 16/09/2016 an application to PORTUGAL 2020 in the context of the call to tender n.º 12/SI/2016, PRODUCTIVE INNOVATION, for which was assigned the number 22976, within the  Operation Regional Centre Program, accordingly to the specific regulation in the field of competitiveness and international presence (RECI) that was approved on 24/03/2017.

The contract/ Terms of acceptance was signed last 04/04/2017.

This project arose due to the need to boost, modernize and innovate the industry in order to improve productivity and competitiveness, with the goal to increase the sales volume for external markets.

A total investment of 869.308,83 Euros was applied with an Eligible Investment of 854.208,83 Euros and with reimbursement from the European Regional Development (FEDER) of 427.104,42 Euros with Refundable Incentive of 213.552,21 Euros.

Date for the execution of the expenditure started September 20, 2016 and deadline for this conclusion is September 15th, 2018.




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