Carfi uses robots in its production process, programmed to execute fast, standardized and effective movements that increase and maximize production.


Carfi is specialist in mass production, on a large scale and assembly line. The optimization of the production guarantees the high success of the objectives in the materialization of the products. System with computerized production to track all processes.


Personalized measurement and validation equipment with the use of advanced technologies that ensure maximum efficiency and faster control of the components integrated in the products, thus minimizing error and human intervention.


Machine vision is used at Carfi for quality control. Photographic data captured every second allows for thorough verification through computer means added to the latest software. The personalization and development of equipment allows us to guarantee high quality standards.


Screen printing, or silk-screen, is a printing technique used to assure the quality and durability of printing on products. We use the latest technologies that permit reliability and speed in the fulfilment of this printing process alongside the use of inks with specific characteristics for environmental improvement.


Carfi has a wide range of products and printing equipment. Tampoprinting is the process of placing the stamp on the product. Technically suitable for irregular, concave or convex objects in order to always guarantee a good quality of reproduction.


The hot stamping service uses the most advanced technology that allows to obtain unmatched quality with short stamping times and verification through optical reading or machine vision that guarantee greater efficiency.

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